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the Quickest Way to Save Our Planet
It is HAWA’s mission to give every American the opportunity to become an Oxygen Producer vs being a Carbon Dioxide releaser by just playing a game. Imagine the US population becoming the first O2 producer in the World. Playing HAWA the Game Daily and making in game purchases, for Less than the Cost of a Cup of Coffee, results in HAWA LLC planting real trees in protected forests throughout the US. While you entertain yourself playing a fun and immersive game, you will earn loads of cool Digital Badges and Daily Rewards, that can be shared on social media for Bragging Rights to all your Friends letting them know that you are Now an Oxygen Producer. Your actions on HAWA the Game will make sure that our Community of Players’ Carbon Dioxide output goes in Reverse. Click the button below and download HAWA the Game and join our likeminded Community of Concerned Players and play your part in the Big Solution.
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