Play the Game to Make a Difference.

Hawa the Game is not just any other game. Our goal is to spread awareness about the ongoing climate change. We want to spread this crucial message in a simpler and easy way. Hawa the Game is the perfect tool for this.

Here we encourage the gamers to be aware of the climate change and how they can make a difference just by playing this game. When you play this game and earn points, these points will be used to plant real tree and save the environment from crisis.


  • Player name
  • Trees Planted
  • CO2 Saved
  • Country
  • 01 Player
  • 830115
  • lvl.162
  • USA
  • 02 Player
  • 800180
  • lvl.158
  • uk
  • 03 Player
  • 714220
  • lvl.146
  • fr
  • 04 Player
  • 440041
  • lvl.92
  • at
  • 05 Player
  • 440041
  • lvl.92
  • at


How skilled you are as a player will ultimately determine how many trees will be planted thanks to you. All you need to do is play the game, earn more points, place yourself on the top of leaderboards and help us play our part in making the world a healthier place for ourselves and for our future generations.

Number of trees planted

With your efforts, we are making a difference. 110 trees have been planted so far and this is just the beginning.