Vidar (Birch Tree):

Vidar is a character that consists of beautiful leaves and bark, making him fancy and graceful. The whole jungle is impressed with his appearance. The brown leaves, white trunk with papery plates make him unique among the rest of the trees. To make his appearance more graceful he wears a monocle that serves as eyewear. However, Nami (Water Monster) envies him not only because of his appearance but also he resides on the factory falls.

Rani (Banyan Tree)

One of the oldest characters (tree) in the online game Hawa the game is Rani. She is as old in the jungle as Mzee tree. Since she is the queen of the jungle among the trees, she has all the knowledge about the Hawa the game and all the trees in the jungle. As one of the oldest trees in the jungle, she has a fascination with pollinating wasps. Like anyone else, she too has an enemy in form of Sumu (Carbo Monster) known for his brutal nature.

Mzee (Jungle Tree)

Another oldest free online game character (tree), besides Rani, is Mzee. As one of the oldest trees in the jungle, he has witnessed the transformations that happened for centuries and decades. One of the unique aspects of Mzee is that he can transform into a giant tree, bushes, or flattop trees. Since the evolution of the jungle, he is the one who has survived because of his ability to change with the changing conditions. His nemesis is Jeeva also known as jeevaashm is as old as he is, and thus, continuously tested him throughout his life.

Binah (Cherry Blossom):

Binah is a beautiful woman but possesses a mysterious personality. At the same time, she is shy and uses a fan to hide her face. She is a beloved character of the jungle and is known in the jungle for her unique fragrance. The only person she dreads the most is Serafin (Lava Monster), who appears like a man but is a fearful monster. It's a free mobile game that emphasizes the importance of planting trees to preserve the purity and wellness of our environment.


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