Privacy Policy

1. Personal data collection and use

Personal information is the data that can be utilized to locate or get in touch with particular people. We may request personal information from you when you contact Hawa The Game. Hawa the Games and its affiliates are permitted to exchange this personal data among themselves as long as they abide by this privacy policy. The provision and improvement of firm products, services, content, and Personal data and Combining personal information with other data for advertising purposes is another possibility. You are not required to disclose personal information in conformity with our standards, but if you decide not to, it may prevent us from offering you products or services or from being able to answer your queries. Below are some illustrations of the different categories of personal data that Hawa The Game may collect and our intended use.

2. The private data we gather:

a. We gather your user name, password, email address, birth date, and nation. Your user name is one example of a piece of Data that is made public so that people in your community can find you using our Services. You may control your subscription to get the Hawa The Game newsletter by email when you create your Account. You may unsubscribe whenever you want by: Each newsletter has a link to unsubscribe at the bottom or under “Privacy and communication” on your Account Control page. You may be confident that even if you unsubscribe, you will continue to get the emails required for managing your Account (for example, if you forget your password).
b. You use your credentials from a third-party site or a social login to access our Services (for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). We collect the information you have permitted us to access through the aforementioned social media site or a third-party platform.
C. You acquire something through our games and online services. We gather the Data necessary to complete your transaction, including your last and first names, mailing and email addresses, country, bank information, and purchase history.

3. How we use the information you provide to us

With your permission and in accordance with the goals outlined in this privacy statement, we may use your personal information to fulfill Hawa The Game’s legal duties, carry out the terms of the agreement to which you are a party, or protect you. Or do we think it’s necessary for Hawa The Games or a third party release information pursue a legal interest? Contact our data privacy officer with any inquiries you may have regarding this constitutional standing

A. We use the personal data we gather to keep you informed about new product releases, service enhancements, and planned events for Hawa The Game.

B. We may also use personal information to create, develop, run, deliver, and enhance our goods, services, content, and adverts. We may also use personal information to avoid loss and combat fraud.

C. In order to protect our services for the benefit of all users and to pre-screen uploaded content for potentially illegal material, such as children’s content, we may also utilize your personal information for account and network security purposes. Sexual exploitation-related material We will use your information to prevent fraud once you do online transactions with us. When it is determined that it is required, we will only use the information to prevent fraud and to safeguard the legitimate interests of our clients and services.

D. Your birthday may be used by us to authenticate identity, assist in user identification, and validate that the services are appropriate. For instance, we might utilize the birthday to verify the Hawa The Game ID account holder’s age.

E. On rare occasions, we might utilize personal data to send out critical notifications, such as warnings regarding overconsumption or updates to our terms, conditions, and policies. You cannot stop getting this notification since it is necessary for your participation in Hawa The Game.
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