HAWA the Game is fun to play, it only cost $10 of in game purchases to buy a tree. That is planted in a protected forest and taken care of for life. In other words its easy with HAWA

Everyone of all ages who want to make a difference personally. People who do not have the time to go and buy a tree, plant it and care for it unit it reaches maturity and then protect it from being chopped down for 50yrs.

To remove all the CO2 you have produced/released from brith to death you need to plant between 20 and 30 trees and look after them so they can continue to remove the CO2 you release into the atmosphere each day, The average human exhales 2.3lbs of CO2 every day. This increases if you work out or do anything strenuous. Become a O2 producer rather then a CO2 releaser, by playing HAWA the game. You’ll even earn cool badges and limited time NFTs.

Your cat releases about .5lbs of CO2 every day, and your dog about 1lbs every day! By planting 2 trees for your cat or 4 trees for your dog, you can make your fur babies O2 producers rather then CO2 releasers. You’ll also earn a cool reward from HAWA when you complete this task.

About 5300lbs. About 3 tree would offset this. Doing that through HAWA the Game is a quick and easy way plus your earn a cool badge.

The average gas powered car produced approximately 0.9lbs of CO2 per mile traveled. If you average 20 mile of travel per day that is 18lbs of CO2 per day & 6,570lbs per year. If you plan to own your car for 5yrs you should plant 20 trees to offset the CO2 released into the atmosphere. Doing this through HAWA the Game is fun, fast & easy. Plus we reward you with cool badges you can share on social media.

So far, as of May 15th 2023 the Hawa Community has planted 210 trees in protected U.S forest. Come join us and be part of the movement.

HAWA the Game is currently available for download through Google Play Store and Apple App Store, or just scan the QR code to download.

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