The Legend of Hawa

Is the free mobile gaming story that has been told about how human beings will save the planet from the destruction carbon dioxide brings. The increase in carbon dioxide was a direct effect of human progress through technology and industry. Once humans realized what their progress was doing to the world, they made a change and in turn saved our blue planet by playing a free game online!

Vidar (Birch Tree):

He is a fancy and graceful character with beautiful leaves and bark. The whole jungle is impressed with his appearance. The brown leaves and white trunk with papery plates make him unique among the rest of the trees. To make his appearance more graceful he wears a monocle that serves as eyewear. However, Nami (Water Monster) envies him not only because of his appearance but also because He lives in Factory Falls.

Binah (Cherry Blossom):

Binah is a beautiful woman but possesses a mysterious personality. At the same time, she is shy and uses a fan to hide her face. She is a beloved character of the jungle and is known in the jungle for her unique fragrance. The only person she dreads the most is Serafin (Lava Monster), who appears like a man but is a fearful monster. It's a free mobile game that emphasizes the importance of planting trees to preserve the purity and wellness of our environment.

Mzee (Jungle Tree)

Mzee is the oldest tree in the jungle. He has seen many transformations of the jungle at his age. He is the wisest of all trees and also the most patient, nothing seems to bother Mzee besides his nemesis Jeeva. Also known as Jeevaashm is as old as Mzee and has tested him throughout the ages.

Rani (Banyan Tree)

Rani is one of the oldest trees in the jungle. Because of her age and wisdom, she has been crowned, The Queen of Trees. She is the tree to 1st tell of the Legend of HAWA. She communicated the legend through the mycelium.

Nami (Water Monster)

The name has no remorse for anyone, and thus possesses a destructive nature. When it comes to his anger, he shows no signs of slowing down till the time he accomplishes his mission. Once he is done with the tsunami, he laughs at the wreckage he makes. He is the arch-nemesis of Vidar (Birch Tree) and cannot stand his cool and calm nature. Name is particularly jealous of the way Vidar is popular in the jungle and thus always up for harming him, whenever he sees fit. Playing Hawa the game for free online is enjoyable.

Sumu (Carbo Monster)

One of the most dangerous villains in The Legend of Hawa is Sumu. He is the master planner of the dreaded instances that occur in the world. It has a poisonous nature, which could prove fatal to the entire world and the jungle. One of their biggest enemies for Sumu is Rani because she is loveable to everyone except him. By playing this free online game, we can discover how plants can avert a carbon dioxide catastrophe.

Jeeva (Fossil Monster)

Jeeva is as old as life itself within the Jungle. He resides in the oldest remains and continues to show his wrath on the things existing nearby. He despises Mzee because he is wise and loved by all ages. However, he does not have the same wisdom as compared to Mzee. Over the years, he has feasted upon exoskeletons, bones, and shells of the dead. Hawa The Game is the ideal tool for showing kids that planting trees is a good deed through a free mobile game.

Serafin (Lava Monster)

The entire jungle fears the wrath of Serafin, as he possesses uncontrollable anger. He is someone who is always in a bad mood and there seems no one who can stand in his path. Even though he is, a monster covered in Volcano but possesses the shape of a man. This sometimes leads to the question among the trees that whether a man is as brutal as Serafin. Download and play Hawa the game for endless fun.